North Pole, Alaska USA
PO Box 57387
North Pole, Alaska 99705
Tel: 1-907-460-2195
We Offer:
Bird Feeders
Suet Feeders
Squirrel Feeders
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Welcome to our website
Welcome to North Pole WoodCrafts'
Wild Bird Alaska
Our shop is now closed for
remodeling, but will reopen as soon
as possible!
Visit our booth at the Tanana Valley
Farmer's Market, where you'll find a
complete line of Wild Bird products.
About Us
North Pole WoodCrafts is truly a mom and pop operation. We started many years ago building
birdhouses and bird feeders for family and friends.  Then in 2006 we decided to go public and NPWC's
Wild Bird Alaska was born.

Our main goal is first and formost, a satisfied customer. So we build our products to stand the test of
time and the elements.  Each one of our products is handcrafted, one item at a time.
North Pole WoodCrafts
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